The Boardwalk

This walk will help you discover some of the countryside easily reached from the Cottage or moorings – half a mile or 12 minutes. Gay’s Staithe was traditionally used for loading and unloading goods including reed and sedge cut from the marshes. Now the Boardwalk is managed for nature conservation. The Boardwalk will take you on a mysterious journey of discovery into a lost world which has remained isolated for half a century. The mystery trail leads through swampy, wildlife-filled carr woodland, with resting places and tapping edges along the way, and emerges to give a surprise panoramic view over Barton Broad, a national nature reserve owned by the Norfolk Wildlife Trust. Sorry, no dogs except guide dogs on the Boardwalk please.

What wildlife lives there?
The Boardwalk viewpoint has wonderful vistas across the broad. In summer terns scream and feed their young on the green platforms. You may see playful otters too.

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